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TriCore is a full service consulting firm, providing solutions to clients’ environmental problems for over eleven years including: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Transaction Screens for client property transactions.  TriCore also specializes in Phase II ESAs, and has personnel that possess extensive experience in managing the environmental problems of private industry.

When performing site assessments, our trained personnel carefully observe and research property specifics, history, neighboring properties, and onsite concerns.  If necessary, TriCore hydrogeologists can collect soil, surface water, and groundwater samples for testing.  TriCore specialized services include:

  •   Environmental Site Assessments and Transaction Screens for Real Estate Financing (ASTM 1527-2005 and industry accepted practices , Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac guidelines)
  •   Phase II Environmental Site Assessments  A list of environmental investigations by category and type of service is presented as follows: 
    • Multi-Family Housinga   Phase I Environmental Site Assessmentsb.  Environmental Property Transaction Screen Assessments
    • Commercial / Restaurant / Undeveloped Vacant Land.   Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  Phase II Environmental Investigations  
    • Petroleum Retail Distributiona.   Phase I Environmental Site Assessmentsb.  Phase II Subsurface Investigations


Significant costs and liabilities are associated with the discovery of contamination on vacant, commercial, residential or industrial properties.  Therefore, it has become a necessity to conduct ESAs on properties that are changing ownership or are being refinanced. 
The staff at TriCore has performed environmental assessments in association with property transactions across the nation, complying with the industry standards set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ASTME 1527-2005).  TriCore has developed specific formats for these reports to suit the requirements of our clients.

If necessary, TriCore has the base of experience to carry a project into further phases of investigation through Phase II subsurface investigations, remedial action planning, and installation of groundwater/soil remediation systems.  TriCore personnel also have experience in conducting technical reviews of environmental reports produced for clients by others.

TriCore’s Phase I ESAs include a regulatory review of federal and state environmental databases and a research of local records and historic information to determine the potential for surface or subsurface contamination at the site. Physical assessment of the site and adjacent properties is conducted to identify potential environmental concerns from storage tanks or chemical releases.

*Depending on the nature and complexity of environmental issues associated with a property, TriCore will perform one or more of the following phases: 
  • Phase I:   Site visit, government database records search, review of historic information (chain-of-title, aerial photographs, topographic maps, Sanborn Maps, city directories), and Regulatory compliance issues, as required.
  • Phase II: Limited subsurface assessment for purposes of sampling and analysis of soil, groundwater, and air quality. 
  • Phase III:    Extensive site investigation, conceptual remedial planning, and cost estimating. 
    • Flexibility in completing time-sensitive investigations
    • Cost-effective results TriCore has utilized Direct Push Probe technology to delineate the contamination of sites in one or two days, rather than continuing with phased borings over time. 
  • After completing Phase I ESAs for real estate companies, developers, lending institutions, and Fortune 500 companies, TriCore personnel have conducted numerous subsurface investigations (Phase II ESAs).  TriCore has the experience and offers the following: 

    TriCore has personnel experienced with completing investigations at former service stations, bulk fueling facilities, and shopping centers where contamination may have originated from former dry cleaning facilities and service stations.  TriCore has developed specific reporting formats to suit the specific requirements of certain clients.



TriCore personnel have managed LUST projects for major oil, independent oil and other UST owners. Tasks performed for our clients include:

  • Early Action Solutions
  • Site Characterization
  • Corrective Action Planning
  • Corrective Action Implementation


If remedial actions are required, we have the capability to design, install, operate and maintain soil and groundwater treatment systems and perform excavation and chemical injection services.  Remediation services include:

  • Soil Excavation
  • Design and installation of DPE, SVE, P&T and AS
  • Chemical Oxidation

TriCore Environmental, LLC * 2368 Corporate Lane, Suite 116, Naperville, IL 60563 * Phone: (630) 520-9973 Fax: (630) 520-9976

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