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Shawn Rodeck, P.E.

Mr. Rodeck has 20 years of environmental engineering experience with project management responsibilities for multiple major oil, industrial and commercial projects.  Knowledge in both site remediation technologies and risk based corrective action processes has led to an efficient management of projects to the benefit of the client.  Mr. Rodeck is a Professional Engineer and has expert knowledge specific to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA) and Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) programs.  Mr. Rodeck has managed all aspects of LUST projects from initial spill response and site investigation to corrective action and closure.  Under the direction of Mr. Rodeck, over 50 remediation sites have received closure letters from the IEPA. As owner of TriCore, Mr. Rodeck’s responsibility include oversight and management of over 50 environmental projects mostly with LUST incidents and is the primary client contact.  As a Professional Engineer, Mr. Rodeck’s responsibilities include providing project engineering for the design of complete remediation systems including all associated piping, collection systems and treatment components.  Mr. Rodeck is experienced in the implementation process required to complete remediation systems from conceptual design to permitting to operation and maintenance programs.  Mr. Rodeck also reviews all reports submitted to the state regulatory agencies for site investigation, remediation and closure. Mr. Rodeck has extensive experience with all aspects of the State of Illinois reimbursement program.  Mr. Rodeck’s experience allows TriCore to finance reimbursable site investigation, corrective action and regulatory reporting and to seek reimbursement for these services through the state LUST fund.  Mr. Rodeck has prepared, reviewed and professionally certified hundreds of reimbursement packages for major oil clients and individual property owners. 

You can contact Shawn Rodeck directly at shawn@tricoreweb.com

Marcos Czakó, P.G.
Professional Qualification Mr. Czakó has over 10 years of combined technical and project management experience in the environmental consulting and remediation industry.  Mr. Czakó has participated in investigations at sites that include gasoline service stations, oil refineries, and dry cleaning facilities.  Technical tasks include petroleum release response activities, soil boring advancement and groundwater monitoring well installation using various drilling methods, UST excavation oversight and sampling, soil lithology classification, soil and groundwater sample collection, slug tests, dual phase extraction pilot tests, providing technical assistance to field personnel, and preparation of regulatory reports including corrective action plans for active remediation sites.  Mr. Czakó has served as the Project Manager for over 60 LUST sites.  Management tasks included preparation of annual budgets, life cycle forecasts, data analysis, client, regulatory, municipality, and private third party correspondence, and Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) evaluations. 

Kim Miller, P.E.
Ms. Miller is an engineering manager focused on the investigation and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Successfully manages multiple projects and timelines simultaneously. Has directed or managed hundreds of projects with an exemplary record of on-time, on-budget performance. Uses creative engineering to apply regulatory procedure and established technologies to unique circumstances. Kim Miller is responsible for all aspects of remediation sites including reporting, data analysis, remediation system optimization. She also conducts ASTM Phase I ESAs, manages the investigation, remediation, and LUST reporting for numerous project sites and negotiates with the IEPA. Kim has been designing and implementing remediation strategies for many of our projects and maintains project budgets and timelines.


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